All About Me.

Actor, Comedian, Entertainer

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Who I Am

Steven Lyons is a California-born, New Zealand raised improviser who has trained and performed comedy all around the globe including London, Leuven, Seattle, Auckland, Boston, Bermuda, Vancouver, Wellington, Cleveland, San Francisco, all across the caribbean and is now based here in Chicago. Steven has also completed programs at ComedySportz Chicago, Second City Chicago, The Annoyance, Covert Theater (NZ) and The Loose Moose Theater (CAN). His teachers include Keith Johnstone (creator of Theatresports & author of Impro For Story Tellers – UK/CAN), Wade Jackson (The Improv Bandits & founder of Mind Warriors – NZ), Marshall C. Stern & Nancy Howland Walker (Zenprov – USA). He is an ensemble member at ComedySportz Chicago & Laugh Out Loud Theater in Schaumberg, has performed multiple contracts with the Second City Touring Company aboard NCL cruise ships, was a cast member and then co-host in Blewt! Production’s Impress These Apes. Steven also hosted the panel show Just The FAQs and performs improv, sketch and stand up comedy regularly around Chicago.

With over 14 years of experience Steven has taken part in countless formats of stage improvisation, ranging from quick fire competitions to hour and a half musical epics, and thrives off the diversity of improvised performances. As a teacher he is passionate about the art form of stage improvisation, greatly enjoys the opportunity to both share knowledge with and learn from his students. As an entertainer he thrives off the energy of an audience and takes great joy in moving people to smile.


What I can do

Entertainer 100%
New Zealander 100%
American 100%
Passion 100%
Access to Superfluous Percentage Bars 100%

Accessible & Passionate

Steven is open to discussion, takes direction well and is invested in getting the best result out of his work.

Collaborative & Keen

Trained in the improv ‘Yes, And…’ mentality Steven enjoys the process of collaborative creation, the joys and surprises it can bring.

Playful & Professional

Steven is treats all jobs, big or small, with professional respect but also brings the elements of play that keep his creative work lively.